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New User Proficiency Process

These are the steps new users need to complete to gain access to HR PeopleSoft:

Step 1: Request your Human Resources Manager/Authority Grantor to grant the appropriate role in Authority Manager.

Step 2: Have your Human Resources Manager/Authority Grantor send an email to to request training for you based on your appropriate role.  Training requests submitted directly from the employee will not be accepted.

Step 3: Complete the following training and/or exams that pertain to your role.

Step 4: Prerequisites will be removed from Authority Manager only after the previous required steps have been completed.

Note: If your department is a client of HR Transaction Services the Human Resources Manager may consult with HRTS to assist in determining the appropriate role needed.




Training / Exams

View Access Only -

Personal Data & Job Data

Responsible for viewing Personal Data & Job Data.

No training is required. Review the following Job Aids:

Web Form Originator

Responsible for creating and routing the HR web form transactions to the appropriate approvers.


Web Form Expert User Role

Responsible for creating, routing and loading the HR web form transactions. Additional responsibilities include:

  • maintaining employee job records and personal data
  • overseeing the hiring process
  • ongoing management of changes to employee status, including leaves, terminations, pay changes, etc.
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) HR Reporting

Responsible for running HR reports to review and analyze data from PeopleSoft.

  • Job Data
  • Personal Data
  • Position Management
  • Gross Pay

Optional: Review other systems useful to HRMS users

  • Your school/VP area HR Manager handles assigning authority to systems