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Human Resources Management System

HRMS Job Aids

Use the job aids below with business processes that use the HR system to create or maintain job or position records in the HR Management System, currently PeopleSoft.

Note: The job aids and reference materials provided below have been updated to include changes from the PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade (effective July 2016).

See also:

Transaction Description and Resources Web
Add Employment Instance
  • Hire an existing Stanford employee who already has a part-time job and is adding another job in your department
  • Hire an employee who has record 70(s) or 450(s)
  • Add a joint appointment for a Faculty member
  • Hire a Stanford student with no previous employment
  • Hire an employee who has Personal Data, but no Job Data record

Job Aids:

Employment Update

Update an employee's record within your current department. This can either be a change of position number (transferring within your department) or a pay rate change.






Hire external candidate that has received and accepted an offer of employment at Stanford University.


Leave of Absence

Process a leave of absence, such as seasonal layoff, terminal vacation or return from leave.

Non-Employee Affiliate


Off Cycle Check


Process a payment that is needed prior to the next regular pay cycle.

Position Management No
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) HR Reporting

HR reporting data from PeopleSoft includes information from:

  • Job Data
  • Personal Data
  • Position Management
  • Gross Pay
  • Supplemental Pay

Job Aids:


Rehire a candidate who has an existing Stanford University Employee ID that has been terminated. Reminder: use the lowest terminated record number to rehire the employee.

  • A retire transaction is a type of termination
  • Before coding a Retirement on the Termination Form, the employee's eligibility for Retirement status must be verified via a Benefits Request:
    • Include the employee's name, employee ID, expected retirement date and a requested response date
  • When you complete a Termination Form to end the employment of an employee who has previously Retired from Stanford, use the Action "Retirement" and Reason "RET"
    • Benefits will create the Retiree Record (400 Record) in PeopleSoft
  • The Action "Retirement" prompts the Benefits provider to transition the employee to the Retiree set of benefits
    • If you mistakenly use the Action "Termination", the Benefits provider will receive notice of this employee's Termination (but not Retirement) and active employee benefits will end; the system will not be prompted to transition the employee to Retiree Benefits.
  • A regular staff layoff to retirement must be approved by Employee & Labor Relations
  • For Staff Emeriti procedures, refer to the HRM Toolkit (secure login required)
Search Match

Always verify if an incoming employee has an existing Employee ID (or University ID) at Stanford before adding the person to the database.

Staff Reclassification


Reclassifications are a two-step process: update the position record, then update the job record.

Supplemental Pay

Process a payment (or stream of payments) that is in addition to the regular ongoing semi-monthly pay.

Contingent (Temporary/Casual/Student to Regular (Benefits-Eligible) Staff Position

Move a contingent (temporary/casual/student) employee to a regular (benefits-eligible) staff position.

Yes and No

Overview of the termination policies and actions that must be taken to request a final paycheck.

For additional resources regarding an employee's Transition & Exit, visit the Cardinal at Work website.


Release a job record (previous department to the new department) when an employee is re-hired or transferred to another department

Note: New department process a Hire Web Form to transfer employee into the department with no break in service

Job Aids:

Yes and No
Update Job Data

Update Job Data (e.g. Business Title, Work Phone, Mail Code and/or extend Appointment End Date).

Update Personal Data

Update personal data for an active or terminated employee (e.g. Date of Birth, SSN, Addresses, STF Service Date, etc).

View Access Only -
Personal Data & Job Data




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