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Stanford Training and Registration System (STARS)


The Stanford Training And Registration System (STARS) is Stanford's implementation of PeopleSoft's Enterprise Learning Management System. A single system for learners, managers, instructors, and administrators, STARS provides a centralized University-wide tracking tool for delivering and tracking professional development, personal development and compliance training.

STARS uses web services and industry standards, and complies with SCORM 1.2 and AICC standards to ensure the ability of learning providers to include a wide variety of content into learning courses and programs. STARS integrates with other Oracle applications.

STARS User Roles

Roles Description



Search for training classes, browse STARS course catalog, enroll in classes, track training progress & history, review certification status and review STAP Fund Balance. View or download reference information in the Cardinal at Work website.



View the learning records and certification status of their direct reports (and those in the organizational hierarchy below their direct reports). They may add recommended training to the Learning Plans of their direct reports.

Note: STARS defines a "Manager" as the "Reports to" person listed in employees' HRMS job record (the same structure used for Axess Timecard reporting).

STARS Administrators/Reporters


Use the STARS system to administer training courses, manage registration, enrollment of learners and run STARS reports. For more information, visit the Course Administration & Reporting webpage.

Training Coordinators


Responsible for their department's compliance training status.


View the course roster and mark attendance.

STARS Track Assignor


STARS Track is new functionality added to STARS which assigns to learners what required training courses they need to complete and by when.  Most learners who conduct work at Stanford need to take certain required training courses to meet Stanford’s regulatory requirements or internal compliance standards.  Learners (for purposes here is defined as people who do work at Stanford) will be informed of their required training through STARS All Learning and e-mail notifications.


Get Help

To get help using STARS, please submit a Help Ticket.