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Strategic initiatives that guide workplace priorities are established in alignment with university initiatives. To develop the plan, University HR collaborates with leaders, human resources and business leaders within schools and units to develop the strategic approaches and then set priorities, typically done for a three-year period of time.

The plan is frequently assessed as the needs of our workplace community can shift over time, and our role is to be both proactive and responsive to changing needs. At the same time, we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the university’s mission is upheld, and we must balance the diverse needs of our workforce with programs and services that are within budgetary guidelines and in alignment with university priorities.

In 2020, work was well underway on a three-year plan when the pandemic arrived, causing HR leaders to re-evaluate our workplace plans and priorities. For now, as we navigate through a disrupted workplace and world, our focus is on the upcoming fiscal year’s goals and priorities, and we will post those soon.