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Digital Personnel Files (e-files)

Image-based employee records

Use of a software application, OpenText, has been adopted by several schools and units to cease using paper for employee records and convert existing personnel paper records to be stored electronically as document images in an electronic record (e-file). Advantages to this approach include:

  • Reduced need to use physical space for storage of paper records
  • Increased security to records since only those authorized can login to the system to view specific records
  • Ability to easily share employee records when there are job transfers (no photocopying)

Digital personnel files in OpenText are currently for active benefits-eligible employees (no temps or casuals). E-files are not available for employees who terminated prior to 2012, when e-file usage began.

Staff transfers from areas using e-files

The following schools and units have moved to image-based (digital) active staff personnel files and a paper file is no longer available when one of their employees transfers out from those groups. These areas are:

  • Altheltics (in progress)
  • Business Affairs & CFO
  • Dean of Research
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Humanities and Sciences
  • Land, Buildings & Real Estate
  • School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences
  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Medicine
  • University HR
  • Vice President for the Arts
  • Vice Provost for Student Affairs (VPSA)
  • Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL)

HR teams must make provision for the transfer of their employee’s file before that employee is transferred in the PeopleSoft system.

All other schools and units receiving a transfer IN from an employee working in these areas have three choices to manage the personnel file of the transferring employee:
  1. OpenText: Receive the image-based file in the OpenText system, and be trained on how to view and maintain the file in OpenText.
  2. Hybrid: Receive the image-based file in the OpenText system, and be trained on how to view the file, and maintain a paper file for new items in that employee's record going forward.
  3. Paper: Receive the image-based file in the OpenText system, print it out, and maintain only a paper personnel file going forward.  The new department will be responsible for assuring the old imaged documents are maintained separately from the newly created documents that were never imaged-based.


Granting Access

Access is granted by the local Human Resource Department.


Request a File Review

We are pleased to announce that the OpenText Online File Review form is now available for departments that use OpenText HR Personnel Files (eFiles) to store HR personnel files for Non-Academic Staff. This new online form will allow the final candidate’s local Human Resources department to grant a file reviews to reviewers outside of their VP School Area or Business Unit without the need to submit a Help Ticket.

The business process for requesting a file review for a final candidate remains the same.

  • The Human Resources department that needs to do the file review must contact the final candidate’s home/local Human Resources department to request a file review providing the following information:
    • The final candidate’s name
    • The name(s) of the individual(s) and SUNet(s) that need to review the file

The candidate’s home/local HR department will use the OpenText Online File Review form to grant the reviewer temporary access to the candidate's personnel file.

For detailed instructions please refer to the OpenText - HR Personnel eFiles - Grant File Review Access job aid.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when requesting access for a file review:

Home/Local HR Dept of Final Candidate Reviewing File HR Dept
  • Be sure the personnel file is up to date. Upload all documents prior to submitting Help Ticket for review
  • If more than one reviewer needs access to the file, provide candidate’s home/local HR department list of names and SUNets for access to the file
  • Do not forward the email received for the file review. The link provided will only open using the designated reviewer(s) SUNet ID and password
  • If additional reviewers are needed, please contact the candidate’s home/local HR department

Job Aids and Resources


Get Help

To get help using HR eFiles (OpenText), please submit a help ticket.