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HR Transaction Services (HRTS)

HR Transaction Services (HRTS) is your “one stop shop” and center of expertise for PeopleSoft transactions, verifying data, making corrections, and coordinating processing and system improvements. Visit the HR Management System to access transaction forms, job aids, and other relevant resources. Refer to the Background Checks Website for requirements and resources specific to the background checks process.

Our Services

For Faculty, Academic Staff, Non-Academic Staff, Student, and Contingent Employees, HRTS can complete (initiate, approve, and load) all these types of transactions on your behalf:

New Hires/Rehires Terminations Job Changes Taleo Job Postings
Bonus/Supplemental Payments Off-Cycle Check Requests Job Record Releases Background Checks
Transfers in/Transfers Out Salary Changes Demographic Updates Global Employees
Non-Employee Affiliates Temp/Casual Hires Student Hires Batches on Spreadsheets
Leaves of Absence FTE Changes Sabbaticals Promotions

In addition, use the New Hire Privacy Portal to collect the birth date and social security number for new hires. No need to wait for the completed I-9 or phone call from future hires to collect this protected data prior to processing the hire into PeopleSoft. Privacy Portal link: Stanford Secure Hiring Privacy Portal

Our Goals

HRTS has implemented a continuous improvement program, with ongoing measurement of both timeliness and accuracy, to ensure high quality and confidentiality of Stanford’s HR data. Other goals include;

  • Leveraging system and institutional knowledge by providing high quality transaction services from process and system experts
  • Reducing costs to schools and departments by offering economies of scale in a service center structure
  • Improving the reliability of HR data, now viewed by Stanford leadership using HR Metrics
  • Ensuring consistent application of policies and procedures, as well as local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • Easing the burden on school and departmental staff, enabling them to better support their employees

Our Transaction Deadlines

  • Single transactions will be completed within 48 hours (2 business days) of receipt.  We will waive the 48-hour advance notice requirement for true emergencies such as next day off-cycle checks or terminations.
  • Small Batch transactions (5-50 transactions) will be completed within 72 hours (3 business days).
  • Large Batch transactions (50+ transactions) should be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to PeopleSoft lockout day, or scheduled in advance.
  • Taleo Job Posting Requests: will be will be completed within 24 hours, i.e. by the same time tomorrow (or next business day). Exceptions: when a new position number needs to be created and the request is received on PeopleSoft lockout days.

We will always try to prioritize your unforeseen items that require a fast turnaround time. View the Payroll calendar for further information.

Our Service Level Agreement

HRTS operates under a Service Level Agreement, which provides clarity of roles and responsibilities with participating areas, and defines the expectations of both the requesting group and HRTS.

Our Forms

Use these Transaction Web Forms to complete transactions related to employee and non-employee records.

Our Contact Information

Contact us by email or by phone for additional information: or (650) 725-9079.