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Nathan Tracanna, Associate Vice President
Nathan Tracanna, Associate Vice President

We manage a broad set of functions, services, and systems that enable effective HR management at Stanford, including the university's core HR and talent management systems, analytics and operational reporting, program operations, and project management.

We process a high volume of university-wide transactions for employee records, cases, incidents, and applications.

Employee Changes

  • Lifecycle transactions (job, pay, benefits, training)
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Retirement calculations
  • Disability leaves

Reporting & Analytics

  • HR operational reporting
  • HR metrics dashboards
  • Workforce reports and analytics

Systems Development, Maintenance & Support (HRIS)

  • Learning Mgmt. System
  • Core HR
  • Benefits
  • Wellness systems
  • Performance
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Dependent tuition grant program (TGP)
  • Staff tuition reimbursement

Compliance Systems Mgmt.

  • Employment screening
  • Patent agreement tracking
  • Mandated Reporter operations
  • Protection of Minors tracking
  • Compliance training admin.