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Employee Support Programs & Services

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Phyllis Stewart Pires
Phyllis Stewart Pires, Associate Vice President

The AVP for Employee Support Programs & Services is responsible for the strategic direction, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of policies and programs for university-wide human resource functions including WorkLife and Wellness programs, flexible work and employee experience, and the Faculty Staff Help Center.  The AVP of Employee Support Programs & Services will lead a complex employee-facing organization that manages various programs to assist active and retired employees, postdoctoral scholars, and their families with exceptional compassion and skill through the employee life cycle.  

BeWell Programs

BeWell Programs encourage Stanford community members to take charge of their well-being and make it an enjoyable part of life. The employee incentive program, a Stanford benefit since 2008, offers personalized support and exclusive perks for participation. Healthy Living offerings go in-depth on diverse topics to give you a powerful set of wellness tools and skills. Sign in at the BeWell website to get started.

Faculty Staff Help Center

Our Faculty Staff Help Center offers short-term confidential counseling, consultation and training for both personal and workplace issues for faculty and staff and their families. Workshops and peer support groups and facilitation services for difficult conversations are also offered. Contact:

WorkLife Office

We support every stage of life to help employees manage competing work, school, family and personal demands. We also manage the university's child care centers and provide referrals to community services. Submit an online request and view details on the WorkLife website.

Flexibility & Workplace Experience

Our office oversees Stanford’s Flexible Work program in collaboration with the university’s human resources community. We coordinate related policies, processes and resources and serve as a center of expertise for the university. We also guide the long-term strategy for the future of flexible work and the workplace experience at Stanford. Your feedback is important in enhancing the Flexible Work program for all employees. Please share your questions or ideas at